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Latin Music is a genre used by the music industry catch all term for music that comes from Portuguese and Spanish speaking area of the world, namely Ibero America and the Iberian Peninsula, as well as music sung in either language. Deborah Pacini Hernández noted that due to the majority of Latino immigrants living in New York City mostly being of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent and the area being dominant in the music industry during the 1950’s, “Latin music” had been stereotyped as music simply originating from the Spanish Caribbean. She also observed that even the popularization of Bossa Nova and Herb Alpert’s Mexican-influenced sounds in the 1960’s did little to change the perceived image of Latin music. Since then, the music industry classifies all music sung in Spanish or Portuguese as Latin music, including musics from Spain and Portugal. In the 1980’s, the Latin Ballad continued to be the main form of Latin pop music, with Juan Gabriel, Jose Jose, Julio Iglesias, Roberto Carlos, and Jose Luis Rodriguez dominating the charts .Bolero music saw a resurgence of popularity with the younger audience. Mexican singer Luis Miguel was credited for the renewed interest due to the success of his album, Romance (1991), a collection of classics covered by the artist. In the mid-2000’s, reggaeton became popular in the mainstream market, with Daddy Yankee, Don Omer, and Wisin Yandel considered to be the frontiers of the genre.In the tropical music scene,bachata music became popular in the field, with artists such as Monche Alexandra and Aventura finding success in the urban areas of Latin America Banda was the dominant genre in the Regional Mexican music field. By the turn of the decade, the Latin music field became dominated by up-tempo rhythms, including electropop, reggaeton, Urbano, banda and contemporary bachata music, as Latin ballads and crooners fell out of favor among U.S. Latin radio programmers. so dear friends this was a short details of Latin music and soe of the best Altin music ringtones are also given below for our friends to mesmerized their joy with super sound quality with ultra high downloading speed only on

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