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he robot, also called mannequin, is an illusionary street dance style—often confused with Popping—that attempts to imitate a dancing robot or mannequin. Roboting gained fame after creator Micheal Jackson used the dance when he performed Dancing Machine” with his brothers, and later performed the dance during his solo career in songs such as ”Smooth criminal” The robot was created in 1967 despite the dance’s appearance in the 1960’s, the robot goes back to the 20’s, when it was used theatrically in miming. It is a dance in which the dancer moves their limbs in a way that imitates the movements of a robot. Movements of the robot are normally started and finished with a dime stop (a very abrupt stop), to give the impression of motors starting and stopping, but poppers have also been known to do the robot with a pop to the beat. As long as the illusion of being a robot is maintained, it is considered the robot . As with Popping in general, the visual impact of the robot can be boosted by doing it in pace with music. The best effect is achieved with music that has very distinct beats such as electro funk. It is nonetheless common to use music not particularly suited for the dance, but which has a “robot theme”. In 1969 jack wild did the robot in the “Mechanical Boy” episode of H.R Puffiest. The Jackson 5 first performed “Dancing Machine” on Soul Train in late October 1973, where Michael Jackson performed a robot dance during the song’s musical break. The group again performed the routine on The Mike Douglas Show and the sonny and cher comedy Hour in 1974. Robot Music is well known music form all over the world we seen very best performances in Robot Music from all over the world., due to this we have decided to bring shorter version of Robot Music in form of Robot ringtones, on one and only platform User can find any type of Robot Music ringtones from this website in just only one click with super fine sound and best downloading speed with following easy steps for downloading.

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